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With the ArlBerglife vacation resort we combine three vacation worlds into a unique whole.

Something special usually begins with a good idea, a vision and above all with an irrepressible passion. This is exactly how the ArlBerglife holiday resort in Pettneu found its origin.

More than 20 years ago, our story began with our comfortable campsite. In 2014, stylish apartments and studios were created with the ArlBerglife Residence, and with the construction of our 60square lodges, we were able to realize a long-held dream. Over the years, the ArlBerglife Holiday Resort developed into a unique hideaway for our guests and a true heart project for us.

Our inspiration is our home. The Tyrolean mountains, forests, lakes and Austrian culture give us the inspiration for our corporate philosophy, concept and design. With hospitality, cordiality and a family environment we want to make our guests' vacations more enjoyable. Our culture, customs and traditions are mixed with modern ideas. We attach great importance to a sustainable and environmentally friendly vacation experience, so that future generations can also enjoy and appreciate nature.

Screenshot_2021-03-22 arlberglife ferien

Manuela and Alexander Gröbner have made the vacation resort what it is today and are the good souls of the resort. As enthusiastic sportsmen, campers, nature lovers and globetrotters, they know exactly what is important when running a vacation resort. Since a few years their daughter Robina is an integral part of the family business and already the next generation with new visions and plans for the future.

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